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Role: Logo Design

Project Type: Branding

C-Eight Productions is a Brooklyn-based video production company specializing in online content and independent web series. The company wanted an identity that reflected the grittiness and creativity of their neighborhood, the old warehouses of Bushwick, while sill appearing modern and professional. Their main aesthetic request was that the logo incorporate the letter "C" and either the letter "E" or the number "8", a reference to the apartment two of the founders shared. The logo is primarily being used on-screen as a pre or post-script to their videos but will be used on print materials in the future.


I began by sketching out a variety of ways that I could incorporate the letterforms into the logo, abstracting them to create something that was both familiar and unique. Stylistically, I looked to create something constructivist, as if the logo could be fabricated from steel or iron. I also wanted something somewhat retro, harkening back to a grittier, more analogue means of video production.

initial studies

After reviewing the initial ideas, the client was drawn to two directions: one more straightforward and another more abstract. With those preferences in mind, I spent some time creating color compositions and making typography selections in order to further define the idea and bring us closer to a final selection.

first round

second round

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