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Role: Art Direction

Project Type: Marketing, Annual Report

Each year, The Fresh Air Fund creates a unique theme for their annual report, borne out through both the content and the design. 2018's “Every Summer has a Story” communicates the life-changing impact that a summer with The Fresh Air Fund can have. This report is filled with stories told from the perspective of program participants. In support of the theme, I directed the report's design to capture the energy, excitement, and wonderment that these summers elicit.


front and back cover


cover and opening spread


rollfold open to reveal stunning photography

We developed a "chatbox" motif that served as the cornerstone of the design system. Carried throughout the report, these boxes were used to highlight a variety of information, including headlines, impact stats about skills and lessons learned, and drivers to the organizations new website. These elements lent an effervescence to the report, describing the the multitude of stories that bubble up out of a single summer experience.


"chatbox" graphic elements

We filled the pages dedicated to the organization's programs with stunning photography, each image color corrected to bring out those bright summer hues.


spread for friendly towns, a homestay program for inner city kids


spread detailing out The Fresh Air Fund's camp programs


website call-to-action (detail)


team list and alumnus profile from The New York Times

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