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Role: Art Direction

Project Type: Marketing

Following a complete redesign of their website in 2017, Madison Capital Funding needed to further define their new look-and-feel across a variety of marketing channels. They wanted to differentiate themselves from other middle-market asset management firms, targeting a younger, more sophisticated audience. Their new operational philosophy was to "think creatively."


I created a variety of monthly digital banner ads that communicated the firm's values, what they dubbed "The Madison Capital Advantage." These ads were bold, geometric, and abstract in nature, reflecting the unique approach that Madison brings to its investment strategy.


"longevity" ads


"durability" ads


"dependability" ads


For each set of ads, I created two initial directions for Madison to choose from. Each concept was accompanied with an explanation for how the design helped communicate Madison's values. This process not only gave the client some options, but also helped them sell the ideas internally.

MCF-Durability-BannersConcept copy.jpg
MCF-Dependability-BannersConcepts copy.j

Email Announcement

In celebration of reaching $11 Billion of assets under management—marking over $2 Billion of growth since we relaunched their website—Madison wanted to send out a special email announcement. Their goal with this email blast was more than just commemorating this milestone. Madison wanted to communicate the value of their partnerships and the strength of their investment strategies.


Moreover, the firm wanted to use this opportunity to make an aesthetic shift in their communications. They sought something that still embodied their geometric and abstract identity but would push the brand towards something much more sleek and sophisticated.


$11 Billion email announcement


Each of the concepts that I created leveraged a different layout and a different style of photography in order to capture the aesthetic that Madison was looking for. The photographs I selected utilized unique perspectives to create a sense of abstraction. Paired with geometric overlays, these designs harkened back to our previous collateral while establishing a new direction forward.

MCF-11B Digital Eblast-1.jpg
MCF-11B Digital Eblast-3.jpg
MCF-11B Digital Eblast-2.jpg

3 concepts

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