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The Daily Dot: Style Guide

art direction, writing, layout

As a young company with very few design resources or assets, The Daily Dot unsurprisingly had no brand style guide. I was one of only a few designers working there, and the only one on the Sales and Marketing team, so most of the institutional knowledge didn't need to go very far. What did need to be shared could be done so directly. The need for documentation was minimal.


However, it would be impossible to grow the design staff and the company as a whole without the proper resources. The only reason ther was consistency in the look of our materials was because I was the only person working on them. Given that we were redesigning our website with a more streamlined layout and new typography, it seemed like the perfect time to create a style guide based on this new aesthetic.


I started the process by researching the style guides of other companies, looking first at other media outlets, but also considering tech companies, start-ups, large corporations, and anyone else I believed would have a top quality example from which I could draw inspiration. From there, I outlined the sections I wanted to include, wrote the copy, and figured out where I would need to include diagrams and illustrations.

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