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General Assembly: Essentials of Digital Marketing


General Assembly continually adds new modules to its online course the Essentials of Digital Marketing, a repository of information on new marketing principles for the digital age. Subject matter is broken down into self-directed lessons that consist of a combination of videos, online quizzes, and supplementary materials. The challenge in designing graphics for EDM came not only in figuring out how best to illustrate the concepts but also in keeping the style consistent. In order to create a unified product, the graphics had to hold together across different elements such as title cards, illustrations, buttons, etc.

Branded Content

While branded content is most traditionally associated with advertisements, the variety of content that can link back to a company's brand on digital platforms is much more expansive. EDM's lesson teaches not only the type of media that can be created, but also how it is produced and how it achieves a connection with the audience.

title card

title card

media sources


company example - clean energy

target audience

creative agency resources

Digital Campaign

EDM's lesson on crafting an effective digital campaign walks students through the importance of crafting a comprehensive digital engagement strategy. The material here covered both the process for doing so, and, more crucially, the personnel required to pull it off.

putting clients on the right path

targeting the right audience members

required personnel (buttons)

Social Campaign

Key to any company's success now is engaging with their audience through social media. However, the rules and guidelines for using these platforms as an individual and as a company are markedly different. This module serves to explain some social media best practices and some of its pitfalls.

targeting teens through social media

social media fits in with a larger advertising strategy

social campaign checklist

popular social content: babies and kittens

popular brands

ready to dive in

vanity metrics

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