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General Assembly: Seminar Posters


General Assembly does not just limit their education programs to the students in their classrooms. The company has also cultivated a variety of corporate enterprise partnerships that involve custom tailored seminars and workshops. These short-form courses are built primarily to educate business leaders and their staffs on emerging areas key to their operations.


In 2014, General Assembly ran a weekend workshop for Visa designed to provide new insights into emerging digital, online, and social business practices. As part of the print collateral, I created a series of posters that would serve not only as advertisements for the workshop's content, but also as talking points to use during the sessions.


existing creative

I didn't want to waste time reinventing the wheel, so I looked to draw inspiration from posters for similar enterprise workshops. This tactic helped speed up the design process and keep these upcoming partnership programs on brand. While the existing creative provided a good overall art direction, I knew that my design ultimately had to serve the content. I came up with two seperate layout templates in order to prevent the series from becomming monotonous. Chiefly, I knew that the posters had to hang together as a series. I also knew that they needed to be informative, unique, and engaging.

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