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Exaptive, Inc.: Promotional Animation


This animation serves as an introduction to Exaptive, Inc., a software development company that creates online analytic and data visualization applications. Using a trapezoid as a stand-in for the modular analytics Exaptive builds, the animation walks potential cleints though Exaptive's customized design and development process.


In looking at the company's website for design references and assets, I came across a process graphic which I thought would translate perfectly into an animated video. I knew I had to find a way to connect these graphics together. By casting a "main character", I could create a more cohesive narrative rather than risk the piece becoming an animated slideshow. I used the trapezoid shape, the primitive in Exaptive's logo, as a stand in for their process of designing custom analytics applications, combining them to dive deeper into data, and visualizing the results in ways that illuminates previously unseen trends.

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