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Role: Design Lead and Art Direction (Photography)

Project Type: Marketing, Annual Report

The Hospital for Special Surgery’s Horizon annual report serves as one of the institutions tent pole marketing and fundraising pieces. The 2017-2018 report, titled “The Power of One,” detailed out the Hospital’s unified vision for musculoskeletal care and the impact of their multidisciplinary approach.


For the report, I developed a creative concept that not only informed the aesthetic but also supported the content. Based on the idea of a ripple traveling across the surface of a pond, the design of the report communicated the Hospital’s expanding reach and impact, both locally and internationally.


embossed front cover


inside front cover


embossed and debossed ripples (detail)

By creating supporting graphics that further emphasized the ripple theme, I was able to carry the creative concept through to the report's interior spreads. Each article uses pull quotes, infographics, and photography to help detail out HSS's advancements in treatment and their breakthroughs in research.


title design for articles


full spread with research team photo


photo of engineering team with inset detail on newly developed screw

Photography plays a key role in telling HSS's story over the previous year. Our photoshoots were meticulously scouted and staged to showcase key individuals and highlight emerging technologies and devices. I also wanted to make sure that these images captured the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and success.


section opening with a photo of recovering patient in Brooklyn Bridge Park


table of contents opposite a photo showing an HSS banner hanging from a street light in New York City

Supporting the report's prose are pages and spreads dedicated to key data points, infographics, and maps. I designed these pages to be a moment of pause from the text, providing an at-a-glance overview of HSS's successes and advancements.

One of the more impressive pieces in the report is a four panel foldout that tells the story of six members of a family that had been all treated at HSS starting in 1982. Highlighting this family allowed us to demonstrate HSS's stability and gave us the opportunity to detail out the Hospital's accomplishments across nearly four decades of work.


gatefold with a family portrait and facts about HSS's progress in the last 35 years


map showing the global influence of HSS's programs


article on crossfit athletes opposite stats on HSS's treatment

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