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Accelerated Cure Project: iConquerMS


In February 2015, the Accelerated Cure Project for MS launched iConquerMS, an online research network designed to put patients at the center of the discovery process. This platform was built not only to collect invaluable patient data but also to provide a forum for individuals struggling with MS to contribute their thoughts for potential research initiatives.


iConquerMS is the first patient-powered research network of its kind, representing a marked rethinking of the way the healthcare industry is organized. It challengs the status quo that networks are typically directed by academic institutions or private companies. While the model was developed for the advancement of knowledge surrounding MS, there is every reason to believe that these practices could be applied to other diseases. At a time when data of all varieties has never been more readily available, iConquerMS hopes to provide truly innovative collection and analysis methods.


For their first leadership summit, ACP wanted to put together a few graphics which would help their CEO explain the intricacies of the iConquerMS patient-powered research network. Chiefly, he wanted to lay out how iConquerMS differs from more traditional research networks, showing a clear progression in the development of the iConquerMS model.

researcher driven network

patient-partnered research network

patient-powered research network


I looked to the iConquerMS website as a source for art direction and inspiration. Not only does the site contain key marketing materials which have established the aesthetic voice of the platform, it also serves as the online portal through which patients would participate in the network.

existing creative

I spoke extensively with ACP's CEO in order to understand the content he wanted to present. We worked to hone down his ideas to a basic diagram of the research networks he wanted to discuss. We then came up with several iterations on this central structure that would demonstrate the differences between ACP's research network and others.

researcher driven networks

patient-partnered research network

patient-powered research network

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