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Rachael Pope: Promotional Animation

art direction, animation, illustration

This short promo was inspired by the aesthetics of one of my grad school classmates. I wanted to capture the playful nature of Rachael's art and design and her witty personality while incorporating my own illustration style.


For the animation, I illustrated several characters that reflected the type of visual puns that defined Rachael's humor. I was inspired by the animations of the 1930s and 1940s, and I wanted to capture how studios such as Disney, Warner Bros., and MGM created fully realized and vibrant worlds with just a few animated elements. Those early cartoons have a timelessness and nostalgia that I thought would be a perfect aesthetic for Rachael's video.

initial sketches

flying fish

silk worm

lacoste crocodile

divine bovine

s-car go

initial storyboard

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