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Role: Art Direction and Creative Strategy

Project Type: Marketing Concept, Strategy

Proposing to run a branded campaign surrounding the Season 2 premiere of Mr. Robot was a no-brainer for The Daily Dot. Our coverage of cybersecurity, net neutrality, and internet politics perfectly aligns with the show's themes. We put together a six-figure sponsorship package highlighted by a fake ad campaign for the show's corporate antagonist E Corp and a subsequent "hack" of our site by fsociety on the day of Mr. Robot's Season 2 premiere.


Our idea was complex. A clear and direct presentation was paramount, not only through great mock-ups, but also by capturing the show's aesthetic. We needed to demonstrate that we deeply understood Mr. Robot's vernacular and its cultural relevance in the internet era.

interstitial "hack"

fake E Corp campaign

interstitial "hack"

custom ad blocker

We also wanted to align Mr. Robot with our July 4th #InternetFreedomWeek series exploring the issues, thought-leaders, activists, and policies that allow the interet to thrive as a free and open source of information and communication.

#InternetFreedomWeek banner ads

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