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Accelerated Cure Project: Opt-Up

logo design

One of Accelerated Cure Project's initiatives in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis is a growing collaborative clinical study called "Opt-Up: Optimizing Treatment & Understanding Progression" or "Opt-Up". The Opt-Up network comprises a variety of clinics generating key patient data that will be used to address knowledge gaps, enable treatments, and focus reasearch efforts. In their continued effort to engage their audience, ACP wanted to produce a logo that would not only be used for marketing and communicaiton materials, but could also be used for collateral given to clinics or patients taking part in the program.

logos - large and small


Given that "Opt-Up" stood for something larger, not only in name but also in scope, I wanted to explore logotypes that would communicate the essential aspects of the intiative. The primary goal of the Opt-Up network was to generating more granular patient data that was keyed to the individual. It was ACP's hope that building a more robust connection between patient and clinic might illuminate new pathways to success that had previously gone unnoticed.

research images

initial studies

Unfortunately, my initial studies read a little too abstractly. At the time, they failed to generate a lot of enthusiasm and, without an immediate need for a logo, the project was ultimately shelved. When the designs were revisited, a placeholder logo that had been mocked-up by one of ACP's associates started to generate some interest within the organization. There was a desire to turn the project over quickly as the senior management had been invited to a conference at which they wanted to debut the new logo. Given the newly compressed deadline, ACP decided that it was more cost-effective to update the placeholder logo rather than redesign a new one from scratch.

placeholder logo

For color choices, I knew that a bold palate would be appropriate for the kind of materials the logo would be used for. I wanted to set the text in ACP's blue in order to establish a connection with the organiztion's primary brand. This choice would help the clinical study resonate with other initiatives.


The arrow quickly became the canvas where I could establish some individuality for Opt-Up. Because orange is the official color of Multiple Sclerosis support, that became an obvious choice. I selected two other colors for consideration, ones that would not only stand out on their own but would also hold together with such a strong primary blue.

logo refinement

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