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This piece was designed to be the opening credits for a fictional television show entitled Pop: Art and Design in the 1960s. The design was inspired by the notion of repetition, with respect to both the art scene of the era and consumer culture and mass production. I wanted to employ the aesthetics of screen printing, using rich blacks in contrast with bright, transparent colors.


Art and design in the 1960s is an overwhelming subject matter to tackle, affording a plethora of imagery to draw from. In order to hone my visual vocabulary for the animation, I created a moodboard that would serve to guide my design choices throughout the process. I focused my research primarily on the screen prints of artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.


After gathering my reference materials, I sketched out a few animation and composition ideas. I also created storyboards that showcased the consumable, icon-driven culture of the early to mid-1960s. During the animation process, I made additional adjustments to tighten the narrative.

initial sketches

first draft of storyboard

second draft of storyboard

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