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The Daily Dot: Site Redesign

layout, branding, mock-ups

As The Daily Dot was completing the final stages of their site redesign, they were looking for a brand partner that would help kick off the relaunch. We had a great new product to showcase, so we created a short, direct presentation that introduced our redesign, introduced Wondersauce, the design agency that we worked with, and showcased what our new site will look like. It was the first piece of collateral that I created in the style of our new site, so I knew that I needed to make strong impression and really highlight our new typography and our new art style.


In order to show off our new ad units in situ, we needed to create stand ins. Rather than drop in a blank box or create a catch-all "Your Ad Here", we wanted to empower our potential partners with a tongue-in-cheek campaign for The Best Brand in The World. The messaging was simple: these were ads for the best brand in the world.


The branding was inspired by the aesthetic of television shows from the 70s, chiefly the bright colors of shows like The Electric Company and Soul Train and the bold typography of sitcoms like The Jeffersons and Good Times.


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