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Role: UX/UI Design and Development

Project Type: Website Design, HTML/CSS and PHP Development

In the same way that phonemes, the basic sounds of spoken language, are used in various combinations to created words, so too can be said about the image. Images carry with them their own meaning which can be broken down, separated, and recombined in order to create new narratives. Remixus allows users to create new visual sentences from user submitted images.  These compositions are ultimately impermanent and are likely never to repeat.

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The project began simply with the idea to slice up randomly selected images and then recombine the slices to create a new visual. To build something like this, I would need to consider two operations: a means to collect images and a means to manipulate them. I wanted the interface of site to be simple and somewhat ambiguous, supporting the unexpectedness of the result. I knew that the site had to have minimal graphics and explanation to highlight the final composition.

concept sketch

UI sketch / intensity calculations

Through an iterative development process, I wittled down my brute-force code so that it would accomodate the values generated by the radio button and slider interface that I had envisioned. This allowed the visual output of the site to change dynamically as users interacted with it.


For the site's branding, I looked to pronounciation symbols and phonetic alphabets. I wanted to communicate the idea of discrete units that, by themselves, are mostly meaningless. However, when these units are combined together in various ways, they create something new that has meaning to those who use it. The branding here seeks to expose the relationship between verbal language and written language, between the sounds we use to express ourselves and the notations we use to record them. It is in this space that Remixus seeks to highlight the essential units of a visual language that we all speak.

possible site names and logo sketches

logo design

Remixus Gallery

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