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Robert C. Morgan

Role: UX/UI Design and Development

Project Type: Website Design, HTML/CSS Development

Artist and critic Robert C. Morgan desperately needed to redesign his website. His old site was dated, cumbersome, and poorly organized. The information architecture was not intuitive which, combined with bad UI, made his site almost unusable. Dr. Morgan needed a site that would reflect both his creative perspective as well as the length and depth of his career spanning over 40 years.

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work page



Dr. Morgan wanted his site to function as an archive of all of his work rather than a more frequently update website like a blog. Before I began designing his new site, I examined the websites of current artists with similar careers for inspiration. I also analyzed the sites of galleries, dealers, art-adjacent institutions, and the publications that Dr. Morgan wrote for. My research led me to a minimalist, gallery-inspired aesthetic. His new site is clean and simple, highlighting the content over the presentation.

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