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Sony: Digital Camera

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The Daily Dot's esports reporting is unparalleled, rapidly becoming the most well known source for in-depth coverage in the industry. No other publisher writes more stories or has a more engaged audience than The Daily Dot. We knew we had to go after a top tier brand that would not only allow us to elevate our content even further, but also help us legitimize a beat that many outsiders didn't believe in.


We quickly realzied that our biggest challenge wouldn't be communicating that we were the premier outlet for esports content. Our real struggle was demonstrating the impact of esports as a cultural phenomenon and communicating that the sheer magnitude of the esports audience meant that this phenomenon wasn't emerging, it had already arrived. Finally, we had to demonstrate that the esports space was ripe for some time of major brand alignment, and Sony's newest digital camera could be the camera of esports.


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