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Tag Heuer: Smart Watch

 layout, mock-ups

When The Daily Dot caught wind that Swiss watch maker Tag Heuer was prepping to release a luxury smart watch, we couldn't wait to put together a proposal. The Daily Dot prides itself on their coverage of technology and the ways that the Internet is shaping our lives. We geek out over what the future holds for the Internet of Things. Mobile devices, especially smart watches, allow us not only to be in constant contact but also to be more aware of our own lives through GPS tracking and biometric data recording. It's a new era, and The Daily Dot is right on the front lines.


Although smart watches are a new frontier, Tag Heuer did not want to abandon the rich traditions they had established over their 150 year history. They sought to blend the past with the present, to show that technology does not obliterate what came before it but rather improves on it. We came up with two content ideas. The first was a video series pairing creators and innovators to uncover the ways in which modern technology has changed their crafts. The second profiled those individuals that have somehow found a way to use technology improve on products or services that seemed stuck in time.


In order to properly position our ideas, I had to capture a modern, luxury aesthetic, one that touched on the history of innovation while still being fast and fresh. 

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