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Tao Kulczycki: Exhibition Materials


Brooklyn-based artist Tao Kulczycki asked me to produce some publicity materials for an exhibition of his sculptures at NYU's Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò. He wanted a traditional promotional postcard for the show. He also wanted a brochure which would have details about the individual pieces and his artistic perspective.


These print materials would often reach patrons well before they stepped foot inside the exhibit. As such, they would be instrumental is setting the tone for the exhibit. I had to create them as a reflection of Tao's clean, minimalist, considered artwork. I knew that the pictures would speak for themselves, so the design aesthetic would largely be set by my type choices. Although it is oft-overused, I thought Helvetica would be the perfect choice. Not only is the font family incredibly versatile, but also its basis in Swiss design is a perfect conduit to express Tao's own background growing up in southeast Switzerland.

postcard & brochure

postcard - front

postcard - back

brochure - front (detail)

brochure - inside

brochure - spread

brochure - spread (detail)

brochure - back

brochure - back (detail)

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