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When The Daily Dot got an opportunity to present SyFy with a partnership for the Season 2 premiere of The Expanse, we jumped all over the opportunity. Our entertainment coverage coupled with our love of science and geek culture was the perfect fit for a show that has been described as "Game of Thrones... in space." SyFy's main focus for the campaign was to prompt new audience members to binge watch Season 1 before the new season premiered. They wanted to stretch beyond a typical season recap and find ways to relate the fictional world of the T.V. show to our own.

We put together a six-figure package for the network, the cornerstone of which was a fully customized content and ad campaign that represented the show's three different factions. We also presented a custom interstitial takeover where The Daily Dot would be infected with "blue stuff," a strange organic compound that would be a central plot element for the upcoming season.

The United Nations, Earth's unified government, stands behind the fact that Earth is the only true home that humans have. Despite the perception that their policies are coddling the humans on Earth and making them lazy, the U.N. wants control over all colonies in the solar system.

UN ad campaign

UN custom content

Mars houses the most technologically and scientifically advanced human settlement in the solar system. The Mars Congressional Republic Navy is waging a war for control of not only the resources found in the outer solar system, but also the hearts and minds of humans everywhere.

MCRN ad campaign

MCRN custom content

OPA ad campaign

Finally, the Outer Planets Association champions the rights of the unappreciated workers who mine the asteroid belt and other outer planets for valuable resources used by Earth and Mars. After the myserious destruction of a cargo ship carrying workers to the asteroid belt, the OPA is demanding answers.

OPA custom content

"blue stuff" takeover interstitial

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